Martina Corry


Martina Corry is a visual artist working with photography and graduated from the University of Ulster in 1999 with a Masters Degree in Fine Art (Distinction) specialising in Photography.

Most of her work is made without using the optics of the camera. In the darkroom images are generated through actions carried out on the photographic paper. Actions such as creasing, crumpling, folding, cutting and drawing engage directly with the picture surface as a material in itself.

The work addresses how photographs are experienced simultaneously as image and object, tangibly real and yet somehow remote. Not merely images, but seen, encountered and negotiated as real objects.

Often employing a single motif or action, previous works have explored ideas concerning memory and intimacy through the absence of figuration.

Recent experimentation has explored memory and vision through the activity of drawing and mark making. The use of materials such as fibre optics in the image making process addresses the fundamentals of the chemical based photographic process namely the play of light on the surface of a light sensitive material.

The images are made as opposed to having been taken- in the way a camera could be said to passively ‘take’ a photograph. The image is built up over a period of time and rather than merely representing a past event records and represents itself, inextricably linking the real and the represented.